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I love anime (mainly mahou shoujo), idol music (Hello! Pro wota), japanese culture, Ayumi Hamasaki, Madonna and girlbands (I’ll always be a Spice Girls fan. I also love The Saturdays, Girls Aloud, Little Mix, and the list goes on and on). I’m also a gamer, I love RPG and fighting games.

My FC on the 3DS is 1993 - 7668 - 7694. Feel free to add me!


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Madonna just posted this clip of the London Community Gospel Choir recording vocals for her upcoming album on her Instagram account. If you listen closely at the end, you can hear Madonna’s vocals for the song for a microsecond. 

Oh, and also, THIS IS SO EXCITING. 

No matter how dark it is

I know I’m not alone

Moonlight shines upon us


Cure Lemonade — Prism Chain

the big love spreading throughout the world | cure lovely

the blue wind dancing in the sky | cure princess

the light of life flourishing on the earth | cure honey

the star of hope that glitters in the night sky | cure fortune

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Deji Deji vol. 168 previews - HAWAII !
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Pretty Cure First Appearances (2004 - 2014)

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